Sunday, July 22, 2007

There's No I In Tweesome

With their gently punning moniker and 'tongue-in-cheek power pop' tunage you could easily see Stone, Staffs. boy girl duo Tesco Chainstore Mascara making the Peel playlist. But with Peel sadly long gone, it's up to websites like this to point them in your direction. Their debut single 'Writer's Block' is set for release on August 17, when it's sure to clear the shelves faster than a b0mb scare. And no doubt prompt some copycat doppelgangers - The Waitroses? Sainsbury's Etienne? The Gym Morrisons even?

Elsewhere, Liz from love-em-or-loathe-em Cardiff cult band The Loves, not content with one magnificent side-project (The School, who have just signed to Elefant records, home to Camera Obscura, never forget) has popped up with another - The Jerks whose 'Happiest To Be With You' is available to download on their MySpace page which we suggest you do because it's fantastic. The Jerks' first live appearance is set to be at the Indietracks festival in Derbyshire at the end of this month.

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