Monday, May 28, 2007

Split Single

So you've read all the live reviews and you now want to find out for yourself what the kerfuffle is going on regarding StrangeTime? Well, you happen to be in luck, as you can now download their debut single Personality Disorder from most reputable download sources (we found wippit good) for a mere 79p, chuck in another twenty pee and you get the well fit 'Biting My Tongue' b-side to boot.

'Personality Disorder' is more corrosive than a fishtank-full of acid reflux, a hulking rock beast with disturbing lyrics, primal riffing and vocalist/guitarist Kate Finch in full goth-madchen flow on the huge and frightening chorus. Parallax View Single Of The Week then, and we urge you to make a mental note to download 'Personality Disorder' and be the first on your block to covet Best Midlands' best-kept secret NOW.



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