Monday, May 28, 2007

He Bangs The Drums

Mitherspace bulletins can be the blight of your life, that band you agreed to add as a friend in a moment of weakness reminding you 4 or 5 times a day about a gig the other side of the country you've never had any intention of going to, that sort of thing. But now and again, you get something that leads somewhere interesting, that actually adds some kind of value to your day.

This happened to your correspondent recently, when Liam Dullaghan, formerly of The Havenots, sent out a bulletin about a friend of his, who's about to embark on an extraordinary journey. Dan Fowler works at The Musician venue in Leicester, and is looking to raise money for ProstAid by walking from John O'Groats to Land's End. There's nowt so extraordinary about that, these days, I hear you protest. Mebbe not, but Dan, being a dab hand beating the sticks, is going to be banging a marching drum as he walks, in the fine art of dralking. You can find out more details about the chance encounter that inspired this venture, how to help and/or donate and follow his progress as he pounds his beat on the official MySpace page (tag: "One Man, One Drum, 1,000 miles").

Try to help as much as you can, 'cos think how many ASBO fines he's gonna pick up, and research into the silent killer that is Prostate Cancer is a fine cause indeed. Will stop bangin' on about this now and let you go to the One Man One Drum Myspace page to befriend and support...

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