Monday, October 03, 2005

Peter Picked A (Cheese and) Pickle?

If it's not hard enough getting swaggering indie-rock stars to play in Shropshire, Pete Doherty's arrest on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs following the Babyshambles' concert at Shrewsbury Music Hall could be the last nail in the county's cultural coffin.

Doherty was questioned at Telford's Malinsgate Station before being released on bail. The Shropshire Star were hot on the case and sent their resident Kate Moss looky-likey Rhea Parsons to interview the 'bad boy rocker' in the Severn Gorge pub across the road while he waited for his taxi. Doherty, always concerned for his fans, is disappointed the Norwich gig has been cancelled because he has 'a £10 bet, 300 to one, that Babyshambles would complete the tour'.

Ms Parsons does a decent enough job of getting most of the pertinent details (Pete buys a pack of cigarettes; a pint of Guinness and a packet of crisps) and summarising the content of his mobile phone calls, but if only they'd sent Dead Kenny they'd have got the full skinny on exactly what is the savoury snack of choice for our recovering smackhead rock icon! We've squinted long and hard at the photos and it looks like a McCoy's brand, but is it Roast Beef and Mustard, Salt and Vinegar, or Cheese Ploughman's? We await confirmation with baited (and slightly yeasty) breath.


Blogger highrise said...

Frazzled? I mean Frazzles.

Never mind the Class A drugs, where are the fashion police? That jumper he's wearing does nothing for the pallid complexion...

9:44 PM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

Evenin' all.

Vicky, if indeed the fashion police do have an active cell in Telford, Dead Kenny suspects Peter Doherty Esq will be the least of their problems.

9:53 PM  
Blogger highrise said...

This is true...

10:11 PM  

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