Monday, February 16, 2009

I Am Curious, Yelle

We know little about Yelle other than that they're French and Ce Jeu is the third single taken off their album 'Pop-Up'. You can sit there berating us for our lack of research or just take in the colourful fun of their video, which apparently contains a brief nipslip at 2:09 so might not be safe for work if your boss has 20:20 vision. We described this elsewhere as 'a generous slice of Eurovision cheese sizzling on a beefy electropop patty' but this was possibly just us getting carried away with ourselves...

Yelle, then: officially a scream.

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hey dead kenny, do you have a new email? the blueyonder is bouncing. i was hoping to send you some info about

you can contact me here: flatpack (at) 7inch (dot) org (dot) uk


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