Thursday, March 29, 2007

Parallax View Verdict On The Andorra v England Game

Dead Kenny can exclusively reveal that the official Parallax View verdict on the Andorra v England Euro 2008 qualifier...was to switch over at half-time to watch The Apprentice instead (have given up watching England games in the pub cos the tears of frustration tend to water down the beer). Perhaps the most amusing bit of the first episode was watching the dopey quantum physicist grovelling to Sir Alan about misjudging the amount of milk needed to be ordered for the adhoc coffee vending project because she'd forgotten how much it 'frothed up' in a capuccino!

Still, Sir Alan Sugar (the man who, lest we forget, had the business acumen to get shot of the Tottscum) knew the score and saw through the nice-guy hard-luck stories of car salesman Andy, who, as project manager, was fired for failing in his responsibility to organise and produce results from a bunch of primadonnas with overdeveloped senses of their own importance following their own agendas at the expense of the team objective. Ah, if only Sir Alan was in charge of the FA we could be hailing a taxi for Steve McClaren right now.

Meanwhile, on the BBC2 tie-in programme You're Fired! that followed, my, erm, business interest was piqued by Sahar Hashemi, guest pundit and Coffee Republic co-founder, whose kind face and sharp fiscal brains could get Dead Kenny frothy, man! anytime...

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